Swiss Informatics Society

Special Interest Group

on Information Systems


Welcome to DBTA


DBTA General Assembly

6 March 2015, Itopia AG, 4. Stock, Trakt Pauli, Technopark, Zürich

What is DBTA?

DBTA aims to promote exchanges between professionals in Switzerland with interests in all aspects of information systems. It is a special interest group of the Swiss Informatics Society.

Topics of Interest

Here we list just some of the topics of interest to our members:

  • database technologies and applications
  • information integration
  • XML data management
  • web information systems
  • ontologies and semantic web
  • information retrieval
  • mobile and ubiquitous information systems
  • information interaction

DBTA Mailing List

To promote the flow of information between members of the Swiss Information Systems community, we have established a new dbta mailing list to allow subscribers to send and receive emails about events in Switzerland. The list is open so you don't have to be a DBTA member to subscribe. The list will be moderated to ensure that you will only receive emails relevant to the community. To sign up please go to http://mail.dbta.ethz.ch.