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DBTA/ICOODB Tutorial on Object Databases

Rick Cattell together with Robert Greene (Versant), Leon Guzenda (Objectivity), Adrian Marriott (ObjectStore) and Patrick Römer (db4o)

1 July 2009, 10:00-17:00 ETH Zurich

DBTA is offering a one day tutorial introduction to object databases as part of the 2nd International Conference on Object Databases, ICOODB 2009. This is a unique opportunity for members of the Swiss database community to learn about object databases from leading figures in the field who will be visiting Zurich to attend ICOODB 2009.

In the morning sessions, Dr. Rick Cattell will present an introduction targeted at participants who have some knowledge of programming and traditional databases, and who would like to learn more about object databases. He will contrast object databases to other alternatives, including relational DBMSs and object-relational mapping, and will go through the features of object databases, including persistence models, relationship semantics, transaction models, query languages, and data versioning. He will also look at the architecture and implementation of object databases, and examine the benefits these provide for certain kinds of applications.

In the afternoon sessions, speakers from db4o, Objectivity, ObjectStore and Versant will provide tutorials on their object database products. They will provide code examples as a "how to" for their product's use, and will summarize their product's features and strengths. The audience should walk away with a good understanding of all of the major object database products. The afternoon sessions will finish with a panel session where the audience may question all of the speakers on their products and on object databases in general.

Biography: Dr. R. G. G. "Rick" Cattell is an independent consultant in database systems and in engineering management. He previously worked as a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems, mostly recently on open source database systems and proprietary innovations in database systems. Dr. Cattell served for 20+ years at Sun Microsystems in management and senior technical roles, and for 10+ years in research at Xerox PARC and at Carnegie-Mellon University. Dr. Cattell is best known for his contributions to middleware and database systems - particularly enterprise Java, object-oriented databases, object/relational mappings, and database interfaces. He is the author of several dozen papers and six books. He instigated Java DB and Java 2 Enterprise Edition, and was a contributor to a number of the Enterprise Java APIs and products. He previously led development of the Cedar DBMS at Xerox PARC, the Sun Simplify database GUI, and SunSoft's ORB-database integration. He was a founder of SQL Access (a predecessor to ODBC), the founder and chair of the Object Data Management Group (ODMG), the co-creator of JDBC, the author of the world's first monograph on object/relational and object databases, and a recipient of the ACM Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award.


The registration fees are 280 CHF for members of DBTA and 350 CHF for non-members. Registration is through the ICOODB 2009 conference web site

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