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DBTA Workshop on Big Data, Cloud Data Management and NoSQL

10:00-17:00 Wednesday 10 October 2012
Sky Lounge
Wankdorf Stadium, Berne

Organisers: Dr. Martin Wunderli, Trivadis, Prof. Heiko Schuldt, University of Basel

The last few years have seen an enormous explosion in terms of the volumes of data that are captured and that need to be processed, analyzed, searched for, stored and visualized in a variety of domains. This has led to novel solutions, especially for scalable data management, as traditional database technology is no longer able to cope with all the requirements imposed by these volumes of data and to efficiently process large quantities of data within reasonable time.

Recent activities in this field such as the development of NoSQL (not only SQL) for data management or data management in Cloud Data Centers are inherently distributed and provide a high robustness to failures, allow to relax consistency guarantees or are tailored to specific applications.

This workshop aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners actively working on solutions for Big Data, Cloud Data Management and NoSQL to present and discuss novel scientific trends and recent developments from leading-edge industry and academic institutions.

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