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DBTA Workshop on Academic-Industrial Forms of Collaboration

16:00-18:00 Thursday 6 December 2012
Room 414, Floor MAX-N04, Building Amphimax
University of Lausanne

Co-Organised with SISR

Both universities and universities of applied science collaborate with companies from industry in order to meet scientific challenges or to foster innovation. In this workshop, we aim to give information and open a discussion on the various forms of collaboration possible and how such projects are often initiated and funded.

Note that there will be an apero after the presentaions to give participants plenty of opportunity for informal discussions.

Organisers: Dr. Thibault Estier, Uni Lausanne and Dr. Alex de Spindler, ZHAW

From Document Management to Open Language Tools

Prof. Gilles Falquet, University of Geneva

A collaboration started in 2002 with Metaread S.A. to develop advanced document management tools will be presented. This collaboration has been supported by three CTI/KTI grants (2001-2003, 2004-2005, 2008-2010) . It led to several expected and (mostly) unexpected outcomes in terms of software products and scientific results.

MODEC, an Example of Tri-Partite Collaboration Uni-HES-Company in the Domain of Agile ERP Deployment

Dr. Thibault Estier, University of Lausanne

From May 2008 to January 2010, a CTI project (9430.1) with Camptocamp (camptocamp.com), the Information Systems Institute at University of Lausanne, and the Institute of Business Information Systems of University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland elaborated and helped Camptocamp to adopt an agile methodology of ERP deployment for SME's. This triangle of competencies proved to be very efficient to deliver concrete and innovative elements for the company.

Bridging the Gap between Fundamental Research and Business Opportunities: Promote Diversity

Prof. Dr. André Csillaghy, University of Applied Sciences North Western Switzerland (FHNW)

The Institute of 4D Technologies is the largest organisational unit of the FHNW School of Engineering. Its portfolio of computer science projects range from fundamental research to prototype development for industry via space applications. Its portfolio of funding sources is also very diverse. This talk will present the institute and its business model together with a few projects that illustrate what they believe is the reason for their success, and why this is interesting for enterprises.

Information Access to Medical Image Data: from Big Data to Semantics - Academic and Commercial Challenges

Prof. Dr. Henning Müller, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO)

The presentation will introduce two EU funded projects called Khresmoi and VISCERAL and highlight the collaborations of HES-SO with several companies in these projects and also with other Universities and institutions in Switzerland. Medical imaging produces enormous amounts of data and these data can be used in much better ways if they can be exploited at a very large scale and if the visual data and the attached metadata can be converted to knowledge that can help in clinical processes. Many of the challenges touch the academic as well as commercial partners in the projects.


There is no fee to attend the workshop but registration is required to assist the organisers in the detailed planning and catering arrangements. You can register here.

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